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The house rule was: Reign of Chaos, and the Frozen Throne expansion. These introduced Sheever to early versions of the game that would later come to shape her life Defense of the Ancients, now known as Dota 1. In high school, Sheever was a serious student. Often getting up early in the morning to study for tests.

After high school she flew the nest and moved to a city in the north of the Netherlands to study commercial economics. Sheever had a very active social life, as she pledged with a sorority and even started her own a few years later. During this period of her life Sheever was a casual World of Warcraft player. It was during this time that her casual World of Warcraft habit turned into a full-blown addiction. Much of her spare time was spent devising raid strategies and building boss guides.

The first time Sheever streamed was to show some friends what Skyrim looked like. When she started playing Dota 2 she decided to keep it up. Her first step towards commentating happened as she was helping out as an admin with an amateur tournament. She and another admin were streaming some of the games, and as they were watching, they decided they might as well comment on what was going on.

She had some money saved up at this point, and decided to see if this whole Dota 2 business could become something more. As it turns out, it did. That is not to say it was by any means easy.

Going after what you want takes dedication, determination, and certainly some luck and good timing. In the period Sheever was trying to make a name for herself, the Dota 2 scene was not yet as established as it is now.

That is not to say you cannot still make your way into e-sports today, but it will be hard. And it will be frustrating. It will seem pointless, and at times you will feel like giving up. I know this because I witnessed Sheever go through all of the above in the early stages of her career. Yet somehow she never did give up, and for that she holds my admiration and respect.

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