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The bar was earlier described as catering to unusual individuals: She was a free-spirited girl, not knowing that she was the offspring of an American-Indian father and Anglo-Saxon white mother.

It makes clear many things I never understood before. Fields short was the first of four minute shorts the famed comedian made in the early s, with Mack Sennett as producer.

A provocative burlesque sequence was almost completely excised, and also cut from TV showings in the s and 60s. As he assaulted her, she wrapped her long, stockinged legs around his back. It was a tangled tale about an outspoken, intelligent, and spoiled woman who was about to learn how to struggle to survive.

It featured many elements: She spurned handsome, optimistic advertising man Bill Wade Robert Montgomery when misunderstandings occurred during their engagement and their values clashed. She scoffed at him, and they broke their engagement. When the Depression era hit soon after, they both became impoverished - now equals. Faced with the prospect of sharing a life of poverty with Bill, she still refused to marry him.

Instead, she traveled to Florida to maintain her lifestyle by living off some of her rich friends as a "social panhandler. Her disgust for the married man was apparent even though he provided her with a swanky apartment, jewels and gowns.

She eventually left because of her disgust for the nasty, lecherous benefactor, to make her own way. She was unable to find employment, and ended up in a breadline. To buy a meal and pay rent, she sold off her shoes to her landlady Louise Closser Hale. Her old flame, class-fallen Bill Wade, now a blue-collar worker, happened to meet her in a cheap diner, where she was eating a bowl of soup. They became reacquainted, and with her new perspective on life and his forgiveness, they were married.

However, life was not easy in a drab apartment, and they were soon destitute. During a labor dispute, he was injured in a new job as a trucker, and she was forced to beg for employment to earn money for medicine for her ailing husband: I must have money.

They attracted the attention of nearby Officer Clancy Ben Taggart. The kindly, soft-hearted law officer cautioned her to return to her husband, if she promised to give up hustling, and he helped her procure employment as a diner waitress. That girl you almost married.

I owe my life, I owe everything that life may mean to me, to Carol". Even after editing, there were significant sexual innuendoes in the film: He tried to silence her: We accept her, we accept her, one of us, one of us! Get out of here! Make me one of you, will you!

What are you - a man or a baby? Must I play games with you? Must Mamma take you horsey-back ride? Come, come, my little fly speck. Momma is going to take you horsey- back ride. Inevitably, it was toured for an adults-only roadshow with alternative titles:

If you love taking your date to movies, you must know the 10 cinema date tips. Just like any other types of dates, doing the wrong things can ruin the entire date easily. The following is a list of the 10 cinema date tips that will ensure your date to go fine. The type of [ ]. From Analog Cameras to How To Develop Film, Learn from my experiences and Start your journey in the World of Film Photography on the right foot.

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