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Most of the photos on this website are mine, a few are from other sources or are photographed from books. My photos are copyright — you are welcome to use them for your own purposes, but not for gain — please always attribute them to cablesfarm.

The image you will normally see on your screen is at a lower resolution still, as wordpress fits it to the page and decreases the resolution very considerably to speed up loading. For serious research publications I am happy to take new photos of guns I have access to. So now you know why the photos in the normal view look a bit murky! Just click on them for a better photo. Nice breeze meant fast birds and great fun was had by all — 73 birds for about shots by 8 guns — a fair ratio by any account.

I managed to stretch my supply of tubes for most of the day but had to borrow a few just in case. We had a reporter from the Shooting Times and a photographer, so expect a feature on muzzle loading game shooting in the mag in a month or two. Everyone who is involved with the shoot in any way is always impressed by how good humoured and relaxed we are about our sport — unlike a number of groups shooting breech loaders! We always enjoy our shoots whatever the bag, and always have a modest impact on the estate.

I can see muzzle loading game shoots being on the increase — we just need to find a good way to initiate others into the skills needed to transition. I was interested to note that the supply of guns and ammunition had halted during the war and was only just coming back in — there was strict price control on guns and ammunition — basically limiting the price to that before the war.

Of course it look OK from the outside! I find you need a small 1. I thought that it would be better to hang the capper off a ring on my new block as the loop on the end needs to be free to hold back the knob. I always carry a decapper and a small pricker made of 0. Ted Cash capper from Henry Kranks with Cablesfarm modification. I carried on cleaning the Turner — it all went in the deruster and then had a good brush down on the fine rotary brush.

Stripped and cleaned externally and internally. So that is now done — I gold plated one for a friend for fun- the process is SO easy see post Gold Plating. Locks signed Turner, and a very faint DU on the barrel — that was a mark introduced in the 18th century? Given the Irish enthusiasm for duelling pistols, I assume that is what it was intended for.

The pistol is in reasonable but worn condition and is a good example of many such. The issue here is how far to go in stripping it and cleaning it. If the fit of wood and furniture is good, there is a danger that it will not be as tight after work. On the other hand there is the possibility that there is significant rust behind the iron furniture that is pushing it out of the wood.

In this case I could see that the edges of the trigger guard were rusting and the finial was raised. It is usually necessary to remove the cock from flintlocks to get surface rust from behind it and give a uniform finish, and the same goes for the frizzen spring.

In this case I took all the furniture off very carefully, but fortunately the screws all came out easily and no damage was done. I have removed the mainspring as I am a bit careful after a couple of springs fell apart in the derusting bath! It will all go in the derusting bath except the mainspring. Stripped — it turned out to be easy to remove all the furniture without damaging any screws. I took my Jackson Central Fire patent double intending to use that, but the geometry of the cocks in relation to the nipples is constrained by the fact that the nipples exit into the centre of the chamber, hence central fire.

This leaves very little room to put the caps on the nipples. I realised as I was getting ready for the clients to arrive and capping off the guns that I would have a difficulty capping while someone else was holding the gun, and quickly swapped to my usual double, the Samuel Nock. I must say I find it annoying to have to keep a gun in the locked cabinet and the empty case elsewhere, so I can see his point. Anyway it was a very useful shoot as it saves me from the mistake of taking the Venables on a game shoot.

I came back with a couple of jobs, a new breech block for a double percussion gun to engrave, and a case to remodel inside and reline. Anglia Muzzle Loaders goes from strength to strength, its almost embarrassing — every month or two a new face appears — existing members are just not dying off fast enough to keep the population stable as one of the older members perhaps I should take note!

I am not sure why the middle compartment is missing, the lining shows where it was, and looks as if it got ripped when the compartment walls were removed — the pistols should just fit with the compartment in place. Or maybe the compartment fell to pieces — several of the bits of the dividers are coming adrift. I decided that I will replace the central compartment and fix in place the rest of the dividers so that it is tidy. It would not be sensible to reline the whole case as it would then be difficult to be sure it was originally for the pistols.

I checked through my supplies of biase for lining the new dividers, and found a good green that is probably a fair match for the original lining colour but is slightly too dark for the current state of it. A sample came down in colour nicely after an hour or so in domestic bleach, and shaving the surface with a razor and rubbing with coarse sandpaper followed by a quick flash over with a flame got rid of the excess pile, so now I just have to hope that the process works on a piece big enough to do the job!

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the woodwork on the unrepaired pistol is too marked and will need to be refinished — no doubt it is a shellac based varnish and with luck I will get away with just a very light steaming to raise the marks — the important thing is NOT to round off any sharp corners by rubbing things down too vigorously.

Here is the problem, the other side is visible in a previous photo. Most of the damage is to the varnish! In the course of getting the cocks and frizzen etc. The remedy is usually to reshape the half cock bent, and possibly refine the full cock bent a little.

To get the sear past the half cock notch, the notch needs to be shaped so that the end of the sear is deflected outwards as it passes in firing, which in order to get a secure half cock notch means that the sear needs to slide into the half cock notch without being lifted at all. Anyway I managed to re-work the half cock notch and polish it all up and harden it — and it now works a treat…….

Or maybe William Drury did it for him and put his label in the case? Anyway both case and pistols obviously belonged to the Earl at some point, so you can invent you own story!

They just fit, but only just! I alighted on a cased pair of Irish Duelling pistols by Edwards that belonged to my father and which I had never touched — I thought they might benefit from a light clean and a quick check that there was no rust causing problems, although they are in basically sound condition — the only problem is that the case has been relined and the case lock messed about with, otherwise they are pretty good.

Anyway I took out the lock of one to strip enough to clean off the external faces and parts, i. I guess it was a transient feature between plain springs bearing on the tumbler, and the later and ubiquitous link. While I had it out, I thought that it would be interesting to compare the grain sizes of powders, and as I have a whole lot of different powders I took a set of photos under my microscope and here they are….

As usual, click on the photo for a clearer and bigger picture……. All the other pictures are at the same scale — 5 m. On the evidence of grain size alone, one might expect Czech to be comparable with Swiss No 1 — which is used in pistols as it gives fast burn suitable for the short barrels of pistols, but clearly other factors are at play here. It would be interesting to sieve Czech and compare the fine fraction with maybe OB and the coarser with Swiss No 1 or 2.

My son Giles had never touched a shotgun before you might wonder why — he never had any desire to brought his girlfriend and had 2 shots and broke clays on both, a hidden talent!

Had an interesting diversion on the way to launch at Tollesbury Marina, planning to arrive at about 4: Half a mile from the Marina literally there was a bang and a scraping noise form the trailer….. A very rapid dash got me there 15 minutes before they closed, and we sorted out a pair of new suspension units and hubs which they kindly greased and assembled for me, and even gave me a couple of pairs of latex gloves so I could fit them without getting my hands dirty!

And I managed to launch by 8 p. The wonders of the internet! And I had a good couple of days pottering about in the boat……………. I will however be at Sandringham Country fair a fortnight later with my full engraving setup and display, and I look forward to meeting old friends and new at both events. I set up a very cheap watering timer about 6 weeks ago and they have not been touched since — I think this is the first time either Penny or I have got anything edible to grow, so its a red letter day!

I did this in about ! If there is any existing groove the keel will follow it. I now need a better cutter to widen the cuts and even it all up. Anyway, that is another skill that I can spend some time working on this winter! I did persuade him to sell me a little pair of Belgian percussion pocket pistols that need quite a lot of restoration done as they have rusted.

I checked the thermostat before and it meets the specs exactly, so what is going on? The tell tale is showing good pressure on both tests…. In all these tests there is a very strong stream coming from the tell tale hole by the inlet to the engine.

I did a few vaguely gun related jobs- making some felt sleeves to keep my antique pistols from getting damaged. We failed to notice that there was no cooling water coming out of the tell tale outlet, and the engine overheated, so I stripped it down and found the water pump absolutely solid with salt so I replaced all the parts of the pump and cleaned out and replaced the thermostat — it all seemed fine and water flowed out of the tell tale but it still got far too hot.

My only possible thought is that there was an air lock in the path to the thermostat housing so that it never got heated enough to open — anyway my only idea at the moment is to try it without the thermostat in place………………….. Only one gale and we were safely tied up in Stornoway for the day — we hired a car and did a tour of Harris, which is not difficult as there are not that many roads!

We even had one whole day then it was possible to wear shorts and a tee shirt, which is almost unheard of in those parts. We got the hang of sailing the boat better, mostly because Giles had done a bit of yacht racing and was good at sail trimming, so we had some exciting fast reaches at 8 knots plus in winds to 25 knots. This was the second phase of popularity of the tubelock after the first Joseph Manton tubelock patent flurry of guns — it is always assumed that the second phase of popularity was predicated on the craze for live pigeon shooting and the big wagers involved, on the premise that the tubelock was slightly faster ignition than the caplock.

The bore is a hint that it was a live pigeon gun as it was the maximum allowed bore, and most sporting guns except wildfowl guns were smaller bore. So Dave and I will have to rack our brains to come up with suitable projects that include the above!

We are shortly off to Scotland and sailing, so I am getting ready for the house sitters to take over — I am relieved that they are staying because the thought of coming back after a couple of weeks and finding the swimming pool a stagnant green puddle is not at all attractive! I hope they get on all right with the cockerel — nasty piece of work! I went over to see Dick today to see the progress on jobs.

The annoying thing is that if you make a new set — possible but tedious — you can be sure they will turn up just as you finish the last part!

I have been dating a man for about 5 months and everything is pretty good. He was married for 10 years and has been divorced for about 2. His ex still give. A Time-line for the History of Mathematics (Many of the early dates are approximates) This work is under constant revision, so come back later. Please report any errors to me at [email protected]

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