I saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

Read on as Felicity gives some scoop on the topic. Hey Felicity, I really need some advice. I was spending some time swiping right when I came across someone I instantly recognized: I checked her social media and they definitely appear to be very married and quite happy.

Seeing someone you already know on a dating site is surprisingly common. And, likely, people you thought were in a relationship. Despite appearances, they might be in the middle of a breakup.

Not everyone announces a separation on Facebook the moment it happens. They might have an open relationship. As strange as this concept may sound to a lot of you, this arrangement is surprisingly more common than you might expect. Many couples have clearly defined boundaries around their marriage and their sexual activities. Engaging in swapping, threesomes, or the practice of cuckolding could be huge turn-ons. Or perhaps there is genuine love in the marriage yet mismatched libidos and a mutual agreement has been reached regarding enjoying other partners.

In any case, there is an absolute possibility that the wife is completely on board with his online activity. It could be harmless flirting. This gets into slightly more gray area here but the husband might use the online dating sites for an ego boost or to rev up his fantasy engine.

Getting swiped right makes him feel good and maybe he never takes it further than that. Now, for a lot of women, their guy secretly engaging with strange women online under the guise of being single would be problematic. Receiving attention from other women could be something they both enjoy in their sex life.

Continued below The big question: Do you say anything? And you no longer feel like you are burdened with a horrible secret. Is your need to know truly altruistic and wanting to prevent your acquaintance from possible heartbreak or a nasty STD?

Or is your need to know about your own personal curiosity? Someone who is closer to the couple than you are and who you know can keep this information in strict confidence. And then cross your fingers and hope your mutual friend can give a solid answer beside him being a lying, philandering scumbag.

What caught my attention later was his thoughts on hcqj.tk mentioned it is very easy to find people online,be with someone for few months and hop onto a new relationship once you know the person well enough as it becomes boring. Nov 03, Like you, I decided to join a dating site just for friends and at my friends encouraging me to get back out there. I didn't really want to, but I joined. When I .

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