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The enduring appeal of this clock is in its magnificent presentation. The entire presentation weighs an astounding 17 pounds and measures 10 inches in diameter overall by 4 inches deep. It is in excellent running condition and is a good time keeper, striking the ships bell sequence properly with a clear sonorous tone. It is in excellent, virtually perfect cosmetic condition, after 45 years! Complete with original Chelsea-marked brass winding key.

One of the finest early aneroid barometers we have had the pleasure of offering. This handsome 3rd quarter 19th century example has a large open face dial of classic proportions.

This lovely example has not one but two thermometers! On the left is a curved red alcohol thermometer with double scales. This instrument is housed in its highly polished bronze case with original lacquer finish. A large pivoting suspension loop is provided for hanging and a small set screw is on the back for adjusting the reading. The suspension loop extends above the top of the barometer an additional inch.

Simply outstanding original condition in all respects showing good age. Fully functional and accurate. Truly a fabulous example. Then, the barometer also bears a thermometer with the Reaumur scale.

This harkens back to the 18th century when such a scale was still in use in France and Germany. Marked on the back. This precision weather instrument has a white enamel dial with barometric scale reading in inches of mercury from Indications are made be the slender blued steel needle overlaid by the brass set needle operated by a knurled knob through the bevel glass crystal. Immediately below is the large curved thermometer reading from 10 degrees to an amazing degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleverly, the freezing point is marked with a small arrow. The open dial is a thing of beauty exposing the intricate workings of the complex movement within. The highly polished rose bronze case has a pivoting suspension loop at the top and is equipped with a small orifice on the back for adjusting the reading with a set screw. One of the best. Exceptional 19th century barometer of American manufacture, with an open face movement, reverse glass dial and porcelain surround!

The dial is calibrated in inches of mercury from The complex, highest quality nickeled movement is entirely visible and operates a blued steel indicator needle overlaid by a brass set needle connected to a small knurled knob rove through the thick beveled glass crystal. It retains its large pivoting suspension loop at the top for hanging. This instrument is in remarkable original condition in all respects. The interior is perfect. The brass case retains it original bright brass lacquered finish showing good age.

Certainly one of the finest barometers of its type we have ever seen. A genuine beauty worthy of the finest collection!

Over years old. It is calibrated in inches of mercury from A fine blued steel needle indicates the barometric pressure while a brass set needle attached to a knurled knob shows changes. The set needle is rove through the beveled glass crystal, held in place by the brass bezel.

Magnificent original condition with a nice old age patina. This exceptional example is in a diminutive size which harkens back to the very earliest days of chronometer making in Britain and the Continent. The knurled screw-on bezel contains a bevel glass crystal with silvered reflector ring fitted to the brass tub slung in gimbals with pivoting gimbal lock.

The bottom of the tub contains the typical rotating spring-loaded winding arbor dust cover. The original ratcheted brass winding key, marked with matching serial number , is also present.

Remarkably all of the brass surfaces are in their original lacquered finish which has acquired a nice patina with very little wear! The movement retains its original bright polish accentuated by the deep blued steel components. This little veteran from the days of sail is housed in its solid rosewood box which is fully brass-bound. This chronometer is an excellent time keeper given its plus years.

It is certainly one of the finest and rarest of the many we have been fortunate enough to offer in our 35 years. Mercer states that "he was a man of energy and enterprise and was a collector of extraordinary horologium.

Identify and Date Your Antique Clock. When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I . We offer a large selection of antique clocks and watches, dating from the mid 18th century through to the early 20th century.

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