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The available Power-ups of the game are a Fusestopper and a Skip. Intro The story starts with The Impossible Quiz Book lying in the grass, when suddenly some sort of aiming device fills the screen, saying "Target acquired" and "Earth".

We move to a spacecraft, and see a Phlovomite using the mentioned shooting device. The Phlovomite pushes a button, which releases a claw with a head, going down from space towards Britain. Then, we see the book lying in a grassy plain; the camera zooms out so we can see Chris licking his leg, while Phlovomite spacecrafts are gathering in the sky.

The claw comes down right over the book, and we see the aiming screen saying: The aim moves to Chris and the screen displays "Unidentified creature", with a flashing warning text saying "Potentially lethal".

The claw grabs the book, but as it does, a gun is heard being loaded. Click the empty Skip slot the arrow points the same way as east on the compass 6.

Click the word "What" "What is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Illegal ill eagle 8. Press "H" on the keyboard 7th letter of "the alpHabet" 9. Click the dots in order. Click the dots in order until the 7th one and then click the unnumbered dot. Corn flakes tons of them fall on the floor The dictionary since it will give you the meaning of the WORD "life" A tin reference to a question from the first Impossible Quiz Click Chris repeatedly until he is done licking his leg.

Drag the dot between the 2 and 1 in the question number, and then press the resulting 2. Click the dark purple bubble Middle left one Seaweed as in, the sea urinated Yes if not, the last question would be wrong Note: The Impossible Quiz sure has gone downhill considering the same question was asked 3 times Press the left and right arrow keys until Chris is hit by a tank Left, right, left, right, left, right, left Press "M" on the keyboard 1 in "a Minute", 2 in "a MoMent", none in "a thousand years" 10 You wrote it with your left hand writing with your weaker hand results in bad handwriting Click the button repeatedly until the bar fills up and transforms Chris into his real-life counterpart, Socks!

Wipe their arse a cannibal would dump his girlfriend in the sense that he would poop her out after eating her Drag the word "mouse" on top of "here", then click the arrow on the right of the screen "Put the mouse on here" There are 7 different question variations: Shoot click the headed hook three times. You need to be quick! Behind him, another claw comes down from the skies, this time grabbing him from his neck.

Chapter 1 ends with Chris being slowly abducted by the Phlovomites, before the screen fades into black, with some ending messages appearing on screen. The available Power-ups are a Lifebuoy and a Fusestopper. However, using the extra Lifebuoy will have a negative impact on your final grade.

Intro The game begins with a "Previously" cutscene, which is the ending cutscene of Chapter 1, edited to look like an old picture. At the end of the cable, we see Chris grabbed from his neck, his head entirely purple because of the choking. The camera then goes inside the ship, where the cable is coming up, before moving to another room, where the King Phlovomite is struggling to get past the very first question of the first Quiz, getting a Game Over screen, much to his dismay.

We move over to a sequence where two Phlovomites have a conversation: He has the book! Also, I did a rhyme! There is no time for rhyme, We must take the book straight to the King.

What does he even want it for? It smells like cat piss. Apparently this book contains the answers What shall I do with ginger balls here? Go and sling him in the cells with the other prisoners.

We can probably eat him. He looks quite delicious under that ginger fuzz. Hmm, will do, 42! Then, an unknown voice starts talking to Chris: Roll over will ya?

I can see your nuts! Chris gets back up before saying: The unknown voice will then proceed to present itself: And YOU sir, are our ticket out of here! You see that dusty old book over there sir? He then goes on to explain what exactly is that device: So instead, they store it all in an electronic encyclopedia That book contains everything every Phlovomite in the whole universe knows.

The device will then tell him that he must answer some questions to prove that he is a Phlovomite, before presenting him with Question Depends on the size of your mouth how many bits goes in one bite Hello score hi score Load "" the command for loading a ZX Spectrum, also works for its Splappy counterpart All of the above think of really old games Crab meat Crabmeats are the crab Badniks from Sonic games Press "1", and then the "up"-arrow extra lives are called 1-UPs in several games, especially old ones Click the 59th square far right square on the 4th row Beat "Extremely Intelligent Phlovomite Programming" to win.

When update is finished, a big 5 fills the screen Cassette-o-matic Type easteregg and click play Fifteen the colour range of the ZX Spectrum Press the right key to kick, and the left to retract, repeat four times until the butt bleeds. Click the question number 69 times Use the arrow keys to move Pac-Frank to eat all of the pills. If a ghost touches you, you lose one life. When update is finished, a big 7 fills the screen Italy the finest plumbers in the world are the Mario Brothers, who are Italian One using the letters in "settlers", you can write the word "letters" one time, with an S to spare Perform the calculation using binary e.

Avoid being hit by asteroids a good strategy is keeping to the edges Any of the options will work, since the game will pretend to crash and give you a Blue Screen of Death.

When on this screen, press any of the key-shaped zeroes in the numbers present in the screen there are two ; trying to press anything on your keyboard will take a life away from you.

Win this game by collecting 5 glowing orbs Hint: Spatulons can be killed by jumping on them update: When update is finished, a big 1 fills the screen Demo version finished: Click "Buy full version for only quiz points" Red Bomb 15 Unzip Sackboy you can click his head to six options will appear, but they are all wrong Africa a free car Defeat the Giant Enemy Crab the right armpit is a weak spot, which causes massive damage 10 In-battle, if your enemy is an Eye-on-legs, attack with either "Scratch" twice or "Poke" twice.

A big 9 fills the screen briefly. Pull the question over there is a fold at the bottom right corner of the question She is your bionic arm! Click X on all the pop-ups, until you get one about dirty pics and yiffing. I was saving it for question 95 pretty self-explanatory

2. For years, you scoffed that skydiving was a generic way to have an adventure as uninspired as bungee jumping or getting a tattoo during spring break in Daytona Beach. You insisted that people should make their own adventures, not just plunk down a few hundred bucks to spend a day in a. Nov 20, One of the most common questions we get from you guys is this: How can I tell if he wants a relationship or just wants to hook up? Girls, I feel your pain. When you start talking to a guy you like, it can be difficult to figure out what his intentions are in the Read More.

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