Sunpro tach hookup

Sunpro Tachometer - Bing images Sunpro tachometer hookup, choose a video to embed Locate a power wire connected to any of the dash lights under the dash.

Remember that there are other gauges there that you will need to see. The red wire will go on the positive battery terminal, make sure you run an in line fuse. It is a pretty big plug - about four ladenie gitary online dating long or so. Sunpro tachometer hookup need to locate a yellow wire with a brown stripe. Trying to hook a tachometer to a 93 gmc seirra were does the green wire go? Pink with White or white with pink. The white and black wire are for the light, so you will have to tap in to a dash light.

That is the tach wire. Start the vehicle and verify that the sunpro tachometer hookup is working. Locate a grounding point for the tachometer. There are often extra connections in there for this purpose. Wire loom is a great addition to a job such as this to dress up the wires, and you can buy it at any auto parts store. I hope this helps you out. If you have a haynes repair manual, look in the back on the electrical diagrams. It is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment in the rear.

Add Your Answer Like I said if you have a manual, look at the wiring diagrams in the back of it and you will be able to find out what color the tach wire is.

The black wire hook to a ground. Find the ignition coil under the hood. Consult your remote starter manual. If all of your wires are correct, it should be reading somewhere close to your idle speed.

This can be any point on the chassis that is metal; in most cases there will be several already in use under the dash. There will be four wires that are coming from the back of the unit. I have a sunpro tach and I had to go out and buy an adapter to make it work Attach the appropriate connector to the wire by inserting the stripped wire into the connector and crimping it shut.

How many oxygen sensor are on a 98 Toyota Tacoma? Decide where you would like to mount your tachometer before you start. If everything is fine then I would suspect Carbruation or Injectors That way it is a "clean" ground. A great place to pick up power is in the fuse box. There should be one that is for instrument panel indicators and gauges system. There should be a tach output connection on the side of the box somewhere, you just plug your tach pickup into that.

What is the Oil pressure for a 2WD 2. I would suggest taking the negative lead off the battery before tearing the dash apart. According to the Haynes manual for 98 Toyota tacoma, and a mechanic i just visited, two.

Tachometer Wiring Diagrams Also on getting a different cluster you can do that if you have a non tach cluster you can swap it for a cluster with one. Connect a ring connector to the trigger wire after it is through the fire wall, or you might not get it through without making a larger hole.

I guess I should start looking before I ask huh?? Often it is bolt or screw. Warning The wire colors are not always going to be as outlined here. Held in place by 2 nuts.

To plug in the green wire you need to open the hood and look for the powertrain plug.

Find great deals on eBay for sunpro tachometer. Shop with confidence. Sunpro CP Super Tachometer II - Black Dial I bought this tach to replace a Sunpro Super Tach that I bought in That tach suddenly stopped working whenever I turned on the headlights. The new tach looks much the same but the markings are more refined with the graduations slightly harder to read. At night it lights up nice and bright /5().

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