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Chinese era name , Korean era name , Japanese era name , and Vietnamese era name Regnal years were generally used for year marking in East Asia before the advent of era names. In China, the first continuous use of era names was in BC. Prior to that, years were usually marked as regnal years of the king or emperor.

From BC, an era name was assigned as the name of each year by the leader emperor or king of the East Asian countries during some portion of their history.

The people of the country referred to that year by that name. Era names were used for over two millennia by Chinese emperors and are still used in North Korea , Japan and Taiwan.

If it lasted more than one year, numbers were appended to the era name. However, the leader was often given a more complex formal posthumous name as well. It should not be confused with a temple name , by which many leaders are known. The Confucius era and Juche era are based on the year of birth of the thinker or eternal president. Some are transliterations of their Chinese era names. Chinese era names were also employed in other East Asian countries. Abolished era names may be reused, for example as a means of claiming or denying political legitimacy.

Hongwu had in fact died in , and the short reign of the Jianwen Emperor , who ruled between and was written out of the official record. However, they would sometimes still be used. The short lived Daxi kingdom , post Zhang Xianzhong , used the Ganzhi calendar without era names. From AD until AD only one era name was used by each emperor, who was posthumously known by his era name, which meant that the era name became equivalent to a regnal year.

The system was in use sporadically from and continuously from From only one has been used by each emperor. Since each emperor has been known posthumously by his era name. Korean[ edit ] Korea used independent era names whilst reigning in all of its variety of nations.

Korean endemic eras were used from to and from to During the later years of the Joseon Dynasty, years were also numbered from the founding of that dynasty in From until , years were numbered in Dangi in South Korea, counting from the legendary founding of Gojoseon in BC.

The tradition of Korean era names survives in the North Korean Juche calendar , with Juche year 1 being the year of the birth of Kim Il-sung. Notable king lists[ edit ].

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